Furoshiki 101: Twin bottles

This furoshiki lesson will teach you how to wrap 2 identical shapes. We use our iconic Melk bottles in this tutorial, wrapped using our Shiro furoshiki cloth.

Our favourite use of this wrapping technique is for sake bottles, a perfect excuse to buy two bottles instead of one. Banzai!


Place two bottles opposite each other on one corner of the square furoshiki cloth, leaving space in between.


Start wrapping the bottles by rolling them up evenly towards the opposite corner of the furoshiki cloth.

Once finished, make sure the cloth is wrapped tightly and you can still feel the space in between the bottles.

Fold the roll into two. The base of the bottles should be level and the end corner should be tucked within the fold.

Tie a knot using the two ends of the furoshiki cloth. Once secure, tie one more time,  creating a double knot.

Tidy up the 'ears', slip your fingers under the knot and you are good to go!