Furoshiki 101: A stack of plates

This furoshiki lesson will teach you how to wrap rectangular or cubical shapes – in this tutorial, we are using a stack of our Maan plates, wrapped by our Kuro furoshiki cloth.

This wrap is very versatile and will accommodate most shapes. If you're not sure how big your cloth needs to be, as a general rule, the cloth needs to be at least 3 times the lengths of the box object.


Place your object in the center of your square furoshiki cloth.

Pull two opposite corners together and join them in the middle.

Before tying your first knot, make sure the fold is neat and tight.

Make your first knot, pulling both 'ears' tighly. Ensure your knot is strong and secure.

Make your second knot, creating a secure double knot. 

Your furoshiki wrap is ready to go. Slip your fingers under the knot to carry.